Evidence of UFO & Potential Implication for Humanity

Pradeep B. Deshpande


With strong evidence of the existence of UFOs on hand, this paper examines what aliens might be trying to teach us. To begin with, scientists may have unraveled the mystery of the beginning of the universe, concluding that the universe came out of nothing, a void, and that the nature of nothingness is undifferentiated consciousness. That is, a conscious desire of the void coupled with an incredible amount of energy created the universe. This hypothesis can be tested as we all have consciousness. Albert Einstein’s mass equal to energy equation may facilitates the path forward for progress. Several plausible examples of transformation of e into m and m into e form are presented as evidence of human creativity. The phenomena of energy into matter and matter into energy transformation leads to a hypothesis that may explain the incredible capabilities of UFOs to travel astronomical distances at very high speeds even through earth’s atmosphere. Using the examples of transformation presented, this paper explains how the route to achieve such extraordinary capabilities is necessarily through internal/emotional excellence and that a scientific approach to enhance internal/emotional excellence is available, complete with a measurement device for emotions, so progress can be audited. The paper concludes by speculating that maybe aliens are trying to prod humanity to evolve further, that is, to rise in internal excellence, and we know that doing so will accrue a myriad of benefits for humanity.

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ISSN: 2153-831X